Developping my three-dimensional paper objects from flax fibres, I take up the imagination of 'breaking up'. The phenomenon of 'breaking up' is the 'incitement of life', comes into being between standstill and movement and requires courage for change and make - up.

Between handmade paper sheets of flax fibres I insert rattan sticks. During the following drying
process the paper sheets contract intensely. The rattan sticks influence the build, various line
patterns, foldings, contrasts of shape and stabilize the structure of the surface. Air circulation turns these space covering objects into a rotational movement. Thus a bizarre play of light and
shadow develops, being intensified when illuminated. The rattan sticks, protruding the edge of the
paper sheets, underline the dynamics of these paper objects in motion.

My artistic concept includes the terms of 'surface and volume', 'light and shadow', 'stillstand and
movement', complementing each other.