The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) is the world leading organisation for paper artists. It was founded in 1986 in Düren, Germany, when paper as an art medium was far less well-known than it is today. While paper history and production are one facet of the Association's activities, the central focus is paper role as art form and as a contemporary artistic medium.

The Association's main objective is to facilitate an international exchange of artistic ideas and share information about hand papermaking and paper art. IAPMA aims to provide the opportunity for members to work together, collaborate on artistic projects and exhibitions, share solutions to technical problems, explore different paper-related cultural backgrounds, and encourage new approaches to paper arts. To this end, each year one Bulletins and six newsletters are produced: the newsletters provide information about exhibitions, publications, projects and techniques involving paper; the Bulletins are professionally produced magazines with handmade paper covers and samples which feature individual artists, papermakers and their ideas. All members are invited to share information with other members through the newsletters and Bulletins.

Currently, the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists has 561 members from 44 different countries.

August 05, 2020
Weisse Rose - Natur Und Symbol, 4 Jul - 28 Aug, 2020, Chemnitz, Germany, Heike Berl @paper_is_like_music The starting point of Heike Berl's most recent work is the rose in the context of both contemporary and contemporary history: the Munich resistance group "White Rose" around the Scholl brothers and sisters or the annual "White Rose" campaign held in Dresden since 2005 on February 13th. Heike Berl sees her artistic engagement with the rose motif as a pictorial contribution to human values. #iapmamember #paperartist #paperartexhibition #paperart #paperjoy💕
August 03, 2020
What's up at Home, Be’er Sheva, Israel, 4 July - 6 August 2020 #laurabehar More Info: 3 months into the pandemic this exhibition presents preliminary impressions of how regional artists were affected through artwork produced while under quarantine. artists from Beer Sheva and nearby regions. Artists were invited to submit their artworks made during the quarantine. Laura Behar created 9 handmade transparent circles from Mitnan and Kozo fibre. The artist hung these circles infront of a window to take pictures from it. Nature became visible through the material, that's why she called her artwork 'Life's Circles'. #iapmamember #paperart #handmadepapers #paperartexhibition #paperjoy💕
July 30, 2020
THE WORLD OF IAPMA - Part of SOFIA PAPER ART FEST - Department SOFIA PAPER BIENNIAL. #leticiaburgosart #AtanasMichalchev #Leticia Burgos #AtanasMichalchev #siegridmüllerholtz #HeleneTschacher @elke.lueckener @josephine.tabbert #LauraBehar #SumieMatzura #MagdaSobon #MetkaPepelnak The exhibition presents 11 contemporary artists from 7 countries, each one with distinct creative credo and specific style. Dominating is the participation by artists from Germany, and that is not by coincidence. The association IAPMA was founded in Germany and many of the artists until today are part of the founders of the organizations. #iapmamembers #paperartexhibition #paperarts #paperartists #paperjoy💕