The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) is the world leading organisation for paper artists. It was founded in 1986 in Düren, Germany, when paper as an art medium was far less well-known than it is today. While paper history and production are one facet of the Association's activities, the central focus is to promote paper and handmade paper as a contemporary artistic medium.

The Association's main objective is to facilitate an international exchange of artistic ideas and share information about hand papermaking and paper art. IAPMA aims to provide the opportunity for members to work together, collaborate on artistic projects and exhibitions, share solutions to technical problems, explore different paper-related cultural backgrounds, and encourage new approaches to paper arts. To this end, each year one Bulletin and six newsletters are produced: the newsletters provide information about exhibitions, publications, projects and techniques involving paper; the Bulletins are professionally produced magazines with handmade paper covers and sample papers which feature individual artists, papermakers and their ideas. All members are invited to share information with other members through the newsletters and Bulletins.

Currently, the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists has 561 members from 45 different countries.

June 13, 2021
June 13, 2021
ONLINE WORKSHOP - USA 2021 Sculptural Papermaking ONLINE demonstration-based workshop taught by Nicole Donnelly Event Dates: July 10 -July 10, 2021. Workshop Details: Saturday July 10, 2021 1 - 3 pm (US Eastern Time) 7 - 9 am (Central European Time) $150 USD Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sculptural-papermaking-tickets-152693551523 In this online workshop, participants will learn a range of techniques that take handmade paper from two- into three-dimensions, even without the use of a Hollander beater. We will cover the essentials of hand papermaking (adapted to home production), its evolution into an artform, and how to work with low-shrinkage pulps (cotton, kozo, and recycled paper) to create vessels, low-relief forms, and fully dimensional sculptures. High shrinkage pulps will also be discussed. Pulp casting, sheet laminating, mould-making, and working with armature will be covered. Students of all disciplines and skill levels are encouraged to bring their ideas to this tactile medium. Through a combination of slide lecture, video demonstrations (accessible after the workshop as well), and synchronous Zoom discussion and demo, the workshop will give participants the information and tools to create high quality sculptural paper artworks. After registering, attendees will automatically receive a registration confirmation from Eventbrite. A Zoom link will be sent one week before the start of the class. Workshop participants will have access to the Zoom recording for 2 weeks after the event. All Dieu Donné virtual events include the option of live virtual captioning. If you have any requests or needs prior to the event, please contact dieudonne@dieudonne.org The workshop is hosted by Dieu Donné. Contact information For questions and registration: E-Mail: dieudonne@dieudonne.org https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sculptural-papermaking-tickets-152693551523 Or contact Nicole Donnelly E-Mail: nicoledonnellyart@gmail.com #iapmamember #paper #papermaking #onlineworkshop #paperart
June 13, 2021
EXHIBITION - France Murmure végétal Event Dates: May 19 - Oct 08, 2021 Artist:Aïdée Bernard Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm Location: Nature House of the Four Brothers (Maison départementale de la Nature des 4Frères) 2466 Chemin de Signes à Ollioules 83330 Le Beausset More Information: Aïdée Bernard is invited by the House of Nature of VAR (France) to exhibit and create during a month an artwork inspired by the surrounding nature and the ecological activities of this Nature school wich is the House of Nature. The exhibition invites recipients to discover paper made of local plants (iris, hackberry, oak, wild oats, beech, chestnut, filaria, poplar, olive tree ...) through poetic creations. A personal reading of a sensitive world where the lightness and the light reveal the intimacy of the writings delicately linked to the graphic trace of the vegetable fibers. Further information: www.aidee-bernard.org https://www.facebook.com/MDN4frer #iapmamember #paperexhibitions #paperart #paperfromlocalplants Aïdée Bernard #paper #papermaking