Petra Poolen


Petra Poolen (the Netherlands, 1966) studied the art of paper making in both the Japanese and the Dutch way. She was a student of master papermaking Jiro Inagaki. She processes her handmade paper in collage paintings, sculptures and bowls.

Petra works lyric abstract, from her emotions. With material, paint and colour she creates a space on the canvas with a sign or a pronounced movement as reflection of her being. By working in layered collages she is able to express her feelings in the shapes and lines, because she can use colours and materials which represent those feelings. To create her collage paintings she first makes monotypes or etchings in oil paint. Next she makes a piece of paper from kozo or abaca fibre. In that piece of wet pulp she arranges a composition by using pieces of the monotypes and natural materials such as little arms of olive trees. After that she makes a collage of this on a canvas.