Sefi Gal


The paper which ‘wrap us’ and so familiar from our daily life, is become from common,
prosaic and cheap material to artistic substance for expression. Instead of recklessly use in
paper and polluting the environment , The paper gets another aspect of creation that
emerge from reusing.
The paper material becomes an ‘independent’ while the designation is change, when it
discovers a secrets, led or lead me my creation.
Into my exploring and cultivating the paper material, I going with the reaction of the action
– it is soft when it is wet and hardens when dry, wrinkled, elastic, varied textures, smooth
and rough, tearing appears as a motif and a ‘language’. Those advantages of the material
are given the possibility to expose details onto the surface, to wrap a statue-structure and
to make sense of hollowness, or to create a full mass.
Sometimes the structure is makes from wireframe or iron rods as materials in order to
increase the contrast and the ‘dialog’ between the two materials.
I tend to create in a large scales of reliefs and sculptures, strive for minimalism and
influence by the Canaanite art.
During my work in the studio, I like the sound that paper is produce – The wrinkling, tearing
or stretching - A perfect and harmony of intoxication.