Artist, designer and maker, my passion for paper has led me over time to focus solely on that medium. Today my practice is mostly three-dimensional, creating objets d'art, wall art and sculptural lighting out of the rare and exceptional papers that I collect as I travel.

I am absolutely fascinated by the beauty of paper, its extraordinary properties, the sheer variety to be found across the world and the creativity of craftsmanship developed to produce it. I derive constant inspiration from the sensory, tactile and visual qualities of paper and its limitless uses and applications.

A Hanji artist at heart and by training I am also an expat artist and as such am particularly inspired by the significance of paper across cultures as a vessel for expression and as a medium for creativity. I have an immense love, respect and admiration for paper in its unique nature: universally found at once a most humble, practical material and a most noble mean of connectivity and sharing.

I create for pure aesthetic pleasure and to enhance the beauty of our personal surroundings by incorporating more elements based on natural products such as handmade paper. But my deeper delight is twofold: to showcase through my creations the intrinsic beauty of the papers I use and to express and embody through my work that immanent link that paper is and enables between times, between cultures, between people.