"Jewelry from handmade paper as easy as the touch of a butterfly"

My chains, bracelets and rings look like boxes or have the form of cocoons.
I produce them in an environmentally friendly way with natural materials. I
make the paper for the jewelry from recycled fibers and color it with
mineral pigments. I embellished the lightweight pieces of jewelry with fresh
water cultured pearls.
For me, it is satisfying to make something with my own hands, and as I do
so, new ideas emerge and take on a physical presence.

Claudia Diehl

born 1964 in Darmstadt, Germany.
Certification of apprenticeship for interior decoration.
Specialized university-level graduation design.
Drawing at the FH Darmstadt.
Product design, Fair- and Shop design for the Company Koziol>ideas for friends.
Since 2006 Paper artist.
Mother of 3 children.
Member of IAPMA
& Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk Berufsverband Handwerk Kunst Design e.V.

Exhibition in Germany, Luxemburg, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Costa Rica, Korea, Switzerland, Poland.