CartaStaminea (latin carta "paper", stamineus "full of threads") is the name for the handmade, transparent paper works I am processing. My paper works are made of bleached Kozo with inlaid cotton or silk yarn. The motif itself is set after the draft underneath the wet paper sheet. Finally, after drawning the inlay the motiv is existing between two sheets of paper - in the paper. I am developing and working with this special technique since 2007.

Natural and artificial created female aesthetics is the focus of my artworks. I´m especially interested in the female body as projection screen of sexual desires but also as mother, as life giving individual, individuality and standards. Diffrent female roles and varied appearance spectrums inspire my artwork.
In my prevailing colored graphic artworks and paper works in particular I am concerned with fashion and style, implementation and concealment, cover and decoration of the body, associated with identity and gender issues, gender constructions as well as the socio-cultural development of women in society. Style, fashion and the female body will always keep their appeal and relevance for myself arising by the reason that they are universal and essential topics.