I first met the “paper” after a short creative period dedicated to the traditional painting.

In pursuing my work - through workshops as well as cooperations with two Italian paper factories - I hoped to make visible to others the wide world of possibilities that paper holds.

While working I found out new opportunities to deal with paper, for example the blending with other materials or the relationship between surface and sign. Moreover, I realised the need to work previously on rubber matrixes in order to better organise and impress the shapes.

Nowadays my art is like an “inlay work” made of different paper pulps, either coloured or not, that directly form the final subject while the piece of paper still lies on the processing frame. As a result, the sheet is a whole piece, not assembled or glued later.

Furthermore, I refined the”reverse side” method for the cellulose processing. I created a real “painting” made up of different shapes and colour shades, inlaying increasingly smaller coloured parts .

The final result is amazing as it doesn’t require any other pictorial or graphical intervention.